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This page is an addendum for those who want to learn more about the world of Blood and Oak. 

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Here's the City of Tunis, circa 1803. John Sullivan has returned to this hostile capital to rescue his family, and it will take all of his cunning and skill at arms to win freedom for those he loves. This beautiful piece of artwork will appear in the opening pages of the novel, along with a few other goodies.


A Portrait of a U.S. Frigate

What would USS Philadelphia, featured in Blood and Oak, look like? To get an idea, it's useful to look at the oldest vessel still commissioned in the United States Navy. The USS Constitution was one of six original super-frigates designed for America's early fleet. Although smaller and armed with fewer guns, the USS Philadelphia was a sister ship to "Old Ironsides." The sail plan and deck layout of both vessels had much in common. 

Artwork is by Donn Thorson, copyright 2011.



This image is by Donn Thorson, copyright 2011, shown here for informational purposes only. All rights reserved to the artist.