Garrett Bettencourt

The predators are circling...

1803. Imprisoned in a faraway city. Surrounded by merciless pirates. One American sailor faces a fight to the death.

As John Sullivan’s enemies will soon learn, there’s a reason they call him “Bloody Sully.”

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Blood & Oak: Wolves will eat

1803. Stranded in a city of Barbary Pirates. One American sailor faces the fight of his life. Get Wolves Will Eat now!

Five years after escaping slavery in Tunis, Midshipman John Sullivan has returned to rescue his family. But his daring plan came to ruin. Varlick Naim, feared agent of the Ottoman sultan, has imprisoned Sullivan with no hope of rescue. An assassin both cunning and lethal, Naim blames Sullivan for the death of his son and will stop at nothing to wreak a bloody revenge.

Now, John Sullivan must escape against all odds. He must find a way to save his shipmates, his family, and the woman he loves from a grisly fate. His only path to freedom leads through imperial soldiers, bloodthirsty pirates, and the most relentless enforcer in the Ottoman Empire. As the old saying goes on the Barbary Coast, “He who acts like sheep, the wolves will eat.”

John Sullivan may be marooned, but this sailor is no easy prey.

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Blood & Oak

In 1798, the Barbary Pirates stole his freedom. Now, John Sullivan wants blood. 

Growing up on his father's ship was an adventure for young John. His world crumbled the day the Barbary Pirates took him away in chains, along with his mother and sister. Five years later, after a daring escape to America, John is eager to join USS Philadelphia and meet the corsairs with steel.

Then one stormy night, a stranger brings word: His sister Kaitlin is alive. John must risk everything on a bold plan to sail to the Barbary Coast. To defy the odds and free his family, he'll need his skill with a blade, his leadership in battle, and his wits at sea. In his path--cutthroat smugglers, ruthless pirates, and a deadly foe bent on destruction. 

Yet in John Sullivan's heart, the fires of revenge blaze ever hotter, threatening to burn those he loves. In his bid to save the lost, he may find his most dangerous enemy lies within…

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Featuring narrator Travis Baldree.


Finally, all the swashbuckling naval action of Blood and Oak comes to life! I'm thrilled to announce Blood and Oak is now available in audio, performed for you by Travis Baldree. Join Navy Midshipman John Sullivan on his epic quest to save his lost family. Get the book now on Audible and iTunes! If you're new to Audible, that link gets you the book free!

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A little about your narrator, Travis Baldree: An incredible vocal talent, Travis is the winner of the Audiofile Earphones Award for his powerful performance of Dog Walker. Some of his other excellent works include The Last Good PlaceDark Fissures, and The Flaw in All Magic. His warm, expressive voice brings each character to life and elevates the written word to performance art. For more about Travis, check out his website at

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